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Responding to a delegated survey


This article details instructions about how to respond to a delegate survey.


1. If a survey has been delegated to you, you will see the following when you open the delegated survey:

2. As the Delegate you can now perform the same functions as the person who delegated the survey to you.

4. Review and respond to the survey questions as required.

3. If you select the ‘Save Draft button you remain the Delegate and can return to the
survey again.

4. You will only be able to submit the survey if it is completed. Attempting to submit an incomplete survey will result in an error message.

5. Once you have appropriately completed the survey, select the ‘Submit’ button – a confirmation box will appear. Select the appropriate response. The survey it will return to the originator.

6. The survey will return to the originator’s In-Tray for their review and submission.

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