Overview of In-Trays


This article provides an overview of Lighthouse In-Trays.



1. In-Trays contain all the work that has been allocated to you. You can access your In-Trays by either clicking on the appropriate Tile, or selecting the appropriate module through the In-Trays menu across the top of the home page.

2. Once you select an In-tray, the contents of the In-tray will be displayed in more detail. All your work will be categorised into three sections:

  • Requiring My Action = This is work that requires your action to progress.
  • In Progress = This is work, in which you are involved (e.g. for a breach report, you are either the reporter, committer, supervisor or administrator), that is currently in someone else’s In-tray awaiting their action before it can be progressed. The current status is displayed.
  • Complete = This is finalised work that shows items in which you were involved (e.g. you are either the reporter, committer or supervisor of a breach report). Administrators must use reporting functionality to view items they were not personally involved with.

Note: There are scroll bars to the side of the categories should there be more items in the category than can be easily displayed on the screen

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