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Linking Lighthouse to Ci Anywhere


This article details instructions on how to link Lighthouse to Ci Anywhere.



Note: To complete this step you must have system admin rights to Ci Anywhere Access Management.

1. Log in to Lighthouse.

2. Copy the URL link from your Lighthouse instance (not the generic Lighthouse URL link).

3. Log in to your Ci Anywhere portal and navigate to ‘Access Management‘.

4. Select ‘Core Enterprise Suite’.

5. Navigate down to ‘Advanced’.

6. Then select ‘Functions’.

7. In the Functions screen, select ‘+Add’.

8. Then select ‘New function’.

9. Under the ‘Function’ header, populate the fields as follows.

  • Title = Lighthouse
  • Function Name = Lighthouse
  • Function Type = External URL.
  • Search Keywords = Lighthouse, Compliance, Governance, Risk…etc
  • Icon Path = select the appropriate icon path for your organisation.
  • Product = select the appropriate product for your organisation.
  • Functional Group = select the appropriate functional group for your organisation.
  • Category = Major.

10. Click the orange ‘save’ button.

11. On the left-hand menu bar, select ‘Settings’.

12. Select ‘Edit’.

13. Populate the fields as follows:

  • External URL = paste your Lighthouse Instance URL (step 2).
  • External URL Icon path = leave this blank.
  • Has function alert = tick this box.
  • Has active tile = tick this box.
  • Open in new tab = If you would like to have this link open in a new tab, tick this box.

14. Click the orange ‘Save’ button.




Note: Each Ci Anywhere account set up will be slightly different depending on how the organisation has configured its roles. In this example, the environment has been set up to have all of the Self-Service items for users under the Role.

1. In Ci Anywhere, find your (employee) ‘Self Service’ item.

2. Select ‘View’.

3. Select ‘Functions’.

4. In the functions setting, select ‘Major’.

5. Then select ‘+ Add Function’.

6. In the search bar, search for ‘Lighthouse’.

7. On the left-hand side, click the tick box next to the item that appears.

8. Then select ‘+ Add’.

9. Lighthouse will now be integrated. A new button will now be visible on your Ci Anywhere Dashboard.

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