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Linking Ci Anywhere to Lighthouse


This article details instructions on how to link Ci Anywhere to Lighthouse.


Note: To complete the following steps, you must be a Lighthouse System Administrator. 

1. Log in to Ci Anywhere.

2. Copy the URL link from your Ci Anywhere login page (not the generic Ci Anywhere URL link).

3. Log in to your Lighthouse instance.

4. Click the ‘Settings Cog’ in the top menu ribbon.

5. Select ‘Administration’.

6. Select ‘System’.

7. You will now be taken to Lighthouse’s ‘System Settings’.

8. In ‘System Settings’, select the ‘Menu’ tab.

9. Select the ‘plus icon’ in the table heading.

10. Populate the fields as follows:

  • Display Style = Label.
  • Icon = if you wish to include an icon, select an icon from the drop-down list. Otherwise, leave this blank.
  • Label = “Return to Ci Anywhere”.
  • Description = “Link back to Ci Anywhere”.
  • Type = Link.
  • System Function = leave this blank.
  • Action = Insert the copied Ci Anywhere link (step 2).
  • Sort Order = Depending on where you would this link to sit on your menu ribbon will determine the number you enter. The lower the number, the closer to the left it will sit on the top Lighthouse menu bar.
  • New Window = If you would like to have this link open in a new tab, tick this box.

11. Once populated, click the green tick button.

12. A new button will now appear in your top menu ribbon. If you click on this button, you will be directed to your Ci Anywhere page.

Note: You may need to log out of Lighthouse and log back in for the changes to take effect.

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