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Navigating the menu bar


Functions within Lighthouse are available via the menu structure. The functions available to you will depend on the permissions you have been granted. The menu structure is configurable by the system administrator and so may be different for each organisation.

However, the following menu items are generally available across the top right of the screen.



  • Home: The Home button will bring you back to this Home Page (Dashboard) screen from anywhere in the system.
  • In-Trays: The In-Trays button provides an alternative method for accessing your In-Trays. Note: If you are using list style in-trays, the ‘In-Tray’ menu item will not display. 
  • New: The New button is a quick alternative to start a new item in any of your In-Trays
  • Manage: The Manage button is a quick alternative to jump to any module you are authorised to “Manage”.
  • Reports: The Reports menu is only available to users who have been given permission to run reports on data collated in Lighthouse.
  • Settings Cog: System and Module Administrators update System Settings by selecting this button.
  • Search: The Search Functions can be accessed by clicking this button.
  • User: If you log on to Lighthouse using a logon and password, your password can be changed by selecting the “My Details” button. You can also log out of your Lighthouse through this function.
  • Question: The help button provides information about fields within Lighthouse. As you hover over the field, the description of the field and other useful information will be displayed. To access the Help, select the help button in the menu. A Knowledge base is also accessible through this button. The knowledge base gives step-by-step instructions on how to perform many of the functions of Lighthouse. The knowledge base can be viewed by selecting the help button in the menu and then selecting ‘Knowledge Base’.
  • Print: The print button allows the user to execute a print of the page that is being viewed.
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