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Integrating Okta SSO within Lighthouse


This article details instructions on how to integrate Okta Single Sign-On (SSO) within Lighthouse.


1. Log in to Okta as an administrator.

2. Click on ‘Admin’ in the top right.

3. Expand Applicationsin the menu, then select ‘Applications’.

4. Click ‘Create App Integration’.

5. Select ‘SAML 2.0’ and click ‘Next’.

6. Enter Lighthouse from Torque Software as the ‘App name’ and click ‘Next’.

7. Enter the following values:

  • Single sign-on URL = copy and paste the Okta SSO URL we have provided you – it will look something like this: https://oktasso-xx.lighthouse.torque.software/Auth/AssertionCustomerService  (Note: this is not your Lighthouse URL)
  • Audience URL (SP Entity ID) = Lighthouse_SAML_Okta
  • Application username = Email

8. Leave all other values as their defaults and click Next’.

9. Select ‘I’m an Okta customer adding an internal app’ and click ‘Next’.

10. The application will have now been created. From the ‘Sign On’ tab of this screen, scroll down and click on ‘View SAML setup instructions’.

11. Scroll down, copy the ‘IDP metadata’ and send this back to the Torque Software team.

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