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Adding/Importing survey participants in Lighthouse


This article details instructions about how to add/import survey participants in Lighthouse.

Note: Prior to importing participants into a survey, they first need to be added to the system as a Lighthouse user.


1. Log in to your Lighthouse instance.

2. In the top menu bar, select ‘Manage’.

3. Then locate the required survey from the menu i.e. ‘General Surveys’, ‘Assurance Surveys’ or ‘Compliance Surveys’.

4. Select the desired survey from the list of surveys that appear.

5. Once you’re inside the survey ‘Design’ tab, click on the ‘Participants’ tab.



1. Select the ‘Participants’ heading.

2. Select ‘Add Participant’.

3. In the search bar, search for the participant’s name.

4. Press the blue ‘Search’ button.

5. From the list of users that appear, click on the name of the participant you are wanting to add.

6. That user has now been added to the survey.

7. Repeat the above steps until all required users have been added to the survey.



1. Select the ‘Participants’ heading.

2. Select ‘Import’.

3. Click on the hyperlink titled ‘Download your current participants in the correct format here’.

4. A CSV file will download, open this file.

  • Note: if there are already participants in the survey, their upload information will also be included in this downloaded file.

5. Populate the fields as per the requirements of the column headings.

  • Note: Columns B-E are mandatory to complete. Columns C-E requires you to enter either ‘N’ or ‘Y’. N= No and Y = Yes.

6. Once complete, save the file.

7. Go back into your Lighthouse screen and select ‘Browse’.

8. Locate the file on your computer.

9. Select ‘Upload’.

10. All participants have now been added to the survey!

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