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How to maintain users (add, delete, edit)


This article provides instructions on how to manually maintain users in Lighthouse (add, delete & edit).



1. Log in to your Lighthouse instance.

2. Select the settings cog.

3. Select ‘Administration’.

4. Select ‘Users’.

5. Once inside the user database, you can use the top bar to search and filter for user/s depending on what information you put in the field/s.

6. On the left are the user icon functions, relevant to that user. They allow you to complete actions quickly and easily (refer to the section below on what the different user functions do).



The user functions are represented by the following icons:

If you click on any of the above icons, you can complete any of the following functions:

1 = Edit the user’s information.

2 = Delete the user (if the user has submitted items/responses in the system, Lighthouse keeps the historical data and makes this user inactive).

3 = Trigger a password reset (if you click on this icon it will send an email to that user to reset their password).

4 = Provides details about that user i.e. what groups they are part of.

To add a new user, click ‘+ Add User’ in the top right corner.




If you were to edit a user’s profile or add a new user, a user profile screen then appears (see below). In the profile screen  (show below), you can add/edit all information about that user.

Note: all fields with asterisks are mandatory. 

  • Login ID* = you can put the user’s email address or a different ID that users will use to gain access to the system.
  • First Name* = enter the user’s first name.
  • Last Name* = enter the user’s last name.
  • Email Address* = enter the user’s email address.
  • Alternative Login ID (optional) = if a users has a secondary login ID or email that they could use to access the system, you can enter this here.
  • Employee Number (optional) = enter the user’s employee number / identifier / AGS number.
  • Position (optional) = enter the user’s position / role within the organisation i.e. CEO.
  • Organisation Unit (optional) = using the drop-down organisation path, select the organisational unit/area the user works in.
  • Manager (optional) = using the user search function, you can search for the user’s manager.
  • Level (optional) = enter the user’s level i.e. APS6.
  • Preferred salutation (optional) = enter the user’s preferred salutation i.e. Mrs, Mr, Dr, etc.
  • Contact phone (optional) = enter the user’s best contact number.
  • Cost Centre (optional) = using the drop down list, link a specific cost centre to that user’s profile.
  • Dashboard style = choose how the user’s dashboard will appear i.e. system default, tile view, list view, and select whether you would like this user to have the ability to change their dashboard look i.e. switch between tile view and list view.
  • Notifications (optional) = selecting ‘Never Email’ prevents the user from receiving any notification emails from Lighthouse.
  • Status (optional) = Select if the user is an ‘Active’ or ‘Inactive User’, and select if you would like to prevent the user from logging into Lighthouse.

Select the ‘Save’ button in the bottom right corner to save all changes.

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