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Customising the ‘User Display Format’


This article provides instructions on how to customise the ‘User Display Format’ in Lighthouse.


Note: You can customise the information that is displayed when a user is selected in a User Selection Field, Authority Field or another workflow-based user selection field. This is a great way to  ensure important information is displayed i.e. preferred Salutation, Mobile Number, Manager name etc.


1. Log in to your Lighthouse instance.

2. Select the settings cog.

3. Select ‘Administration’.

4. Select ‘System’.

5. Locate the ‘Settings’ tab.

6. Navigate downwards to ‘User Display Format’.

7. This is where you add/edit the User Display Format (refer to the table below for the different user attributes that can be used in the display format).

8. Once complete, click Save’.



You can use the below user attributes and their associated merge fields within the User Display Format input:

  • First name = {First}
  • Last name = {Last}
  • Employee Number = {EmployeeNumber}
  • LogonID = {LogonId}
  • Level = {Level}
  • Contact Number = {ContactNumber}
  • Emailed Address = {EmailAddress}
  • Preferred Salutation = {PreferredSalutation}

Note: Lighthouse does have a special conditionality statement for ‘EmployeeNumber’ and the ‘LoginId’. You can input ‘{EmployeeNumberorLoginId}’ to display the Employee Number, or if that is not available then the Login ID will be used.

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