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Creating a non-compliance survey question


This article details instructions about how to configure non-compliance survey questions.


1. Click the Questions tab at the top of your survey menu bar.

2. On the right side select ‘Add Question‘.

3. In the questionTitle‘ bar, give your question a title (optional) i.e. Question 1, Risk Matrix Question etc.

4. In the main text box, type in the survey question.

5. Scroll down and select the ‘Non-Compliance’ Response Type.

6. Scroll down again to the ‘Answer’ section and respond to the following questions:

  • Response indicating a Non-Compliance =  If you select Yes’ to this field, and the submitting user identifies a non-compliance for this question, it will create a breach in the non-compliance module for them to complete (if one is not already completed). Select ‘No‘ if you don’t want this to occur.
  • Non-Compliance Category = Select the applicable Non-Compliance Category and then the relevant ‘Non-Compliance Question/s’.
  • Include all non-compliance categories = select this if you would like to include all non-compliance categories.
  • Include N/A Response = if you would like a N/A (not applicable) answer type to be made available to users, select this option.
  • Force positive response when non-compliances exist = if a user has already recorded a non-compliance relevant to the selected non-compliance category, if you tick this button it will force a positive response when they go to complete this non-compliance survey question.
  • If you would like to ‘Record Exemptions’, tick the box next to this question.
  • If you would like the questions to ‘Require an answer’ ensure this box is ticked.

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