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Changing the owner of a Lighthouse survey


This article details instructions about how to change the owner of a Lighthouse survey.


1. Log in to your Lighthouse instance.

2. In the top menu bar, select ‘Manage’.

3. Then locate the appropriate survey group from the menu i.e. ‘General Surveys’, ‘Assurance Surveys’ or ‘Compliance Surveys’.

4. Select the desired survey from the list of surveys that appear.

5. Once in the survey, at the top of the survey menu bar, select the ‘Participants’ tab.

6. From the list of participants, locate the participant who will have their ownership changed. You can do this by ticking the box on the far-left side.

7. Select the drop-down list from the ‘Action’ button in the menu bar.

8. From the list, select ‘Change Owner’.

9. Search for the name of the individual you are wanting to assign as the new owner, and then click ‘select’.

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