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Accessing surveys


This article provides information on how to access a survey in Lighthouse.



Lighthouse Survey Administrators may send emails to notify survey participants that there is a Survey to be completed. This email may contain information about the survey including the closing date and a hyperlink to the Survey. The Survey Administrator may also send out reminder emails from time-to-time to users who are yet to complete the survey.

There are three ways to access the Survey:

  • a. If you have been invited to a survey you will usually receive a notification email containing a hyperlink to the survey. Click on the hyperlink in the email and you will be
    taken directly to the survey, or
  • b. Select the Survey through your Lighthouse Home Page by clicking on the relevant Survey Tile and then selecting the appropriate Survey from your In-Tray, or
  • c. Select the Survey option from the In-Trays menu and then select the appropriate Survey from your In-Tray.


Note: The status of all Surveys are displayed on the right of the screen:

  • Resume = These are surveys that have been started, but not submitted.
  • Undertake = These are surveys that have not been started.
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